May 26, 2013

individualism vs selfishness

have you realize that one of the hardest thing to change is one's sense of selfishness?

we live in a society where people are getting more and more selfish by the day. 'I' should always come first before anyone or anything else. it is but rare if you met a man who will put others benefits before himself nowadays.

i am not saying that i am any different from other people. i am exactly that kind of person when the situation suits me. you see, this attitude has been perceived as normal even acceptable nowadays. the community surrounding you conforms to your demand, rather than you conforming to the society demand. people don't usually say much or question young people who act selfishly. they will rather put themselves on their understanding self and tolerate this ridiculousness.

you want examples?

the Gen-Y neighbour who absent minded-ly blast his radio at midnight when the family next door is trying to get their rest.

the young woman standing in line to pay for some groceries, who blissfully ignores the elderly behind her who can barely stand still while waiting to pay at the cashier.

the youngster who throws rubbish at the roadside because there will be a cleaner whose job is to clean the street.

the parent who thinks his child will never do any wrong and blames the teacher instead.

the flatmate who thinks it's not his job to clean that one extra plate in the sink.

the person who thinks he is the only busy person in the world and the next person is not significant?

do you think modernization is the breeding ground for this behavior? and is individualism just another euphemism for selfishness?

p/s: writing is a bit unpolished. do drop your comments! :)


Nor Liana Kamaruzzaman said...

isn't individualism part of selfishness? I always thought it's about selflessness vs selfishness: two end of the extreme.

I guess, it does, but it's not a nowadays form, it's just a different face. DIfferent time have different way of showing selfishness.

In the past, we have slavery, for example. Now, it's more subtle: from actions instead of what was written.

Here's something I'd like to share:

InkFlow said...

finally an update. all people are sometimes selfish. we're human afterall.

Perhaps they can be selfless in certain situations and selfish in others.

Situations changes people.

InkFlow said...

commenting a year later...... no updates? :'(