May 26, 2013

realizations: fast forward six months

when you are working, some realization hits you.

it is harder to focus on ibadah at times. prayers are rest. take your time with Allah. don't be stingy to ask. you are His servant.

you can't wait for moods to visit when there are work around waiting to be done.

you can't let your lack of energy brings you down at work. you must exercise.

money does flow like water. the more you earn, the more you'll have (be forced) to spend.

it is nice to go home to someone. even annoying junior sisters. ;)

time is indeed money (or gold, i prefer gold actually). you better plan your day wisely.

weekends are the only time to do whatever super important things that need to be done, done.

a simple message to your close friends every now and then will be appreciated. (or a simple postcard!)

but i think the most important thing is, you will see your direction in life, and you must work hard to go, be and stay there.

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