September 6, 2017

one and a half day from home

all our life, we look for someone who will make us feel whole and complete...sort of jerry maguire's 'you complete me' to zellwegger in the film (can't recall her character in the movie)....haha, i do love romantic chick flicks, so long that it doesn't makes me vomit..

but little did we realise, in this world, no one can complete you, what they can do is perhaps just, provide you with all the support you need, and some glimpse of happiness that a relationship may provide...but ultimately, you have to realise that, completeness (i.e. perfection) lies only with God. and you shouldn't, ever allow yourself to find perfection within any mortal soul. for a mortal is fallible, prone to humaness, and it will never be fair to put any person to such standards. they are only humans, treat them like one. forgives shortcomings, this world is a test for all of us.

find yourself in your search for truth but not in another person..and when a man (or woman, if you are a guy) comes to you, appreciate everything while he is there, for even he belongs to God, and in that realisation, treasure every moments that have been granted to you and keep it in your heart with the deepest sense of gratitude.

so that when the day comes and call for a separation, you know you gotta give, and you can still carry him in your heart without breaking yourself..

#emotaktentupasal #missing

and a little poem here for you, from W.B Yeats ;

all the words that i gather,
and all the words that i write,
must spread out their wings untiring,
and never rest in their flight,
till they come where your sad, sad heart is,
and sing to you in the night,
beyond where the waters are moving,
storm darkened or starry bright. 💞

August 13, 2017

kamu dan laut

wahai laut yang teduh, apalah arti memiliki? ketika diri kami sendiri bukanlah milik kami.

wahai laut yang lengang, apalah arti kehilangan? ketika kami sebenarnya menemukan saat kehilangan, dan sebaliknya, kehilangan banyak pula saat menemukan.

wahai laut yang sunyi, apalah arti cinta? ketika kami menangis terluka atas perasaan yang seharusnya indah? bagaimana mungkin, kami tertunduk patah hati atas sesuatu yang seharusnya suci dan tidak menuntut apa pun?

wahai laut yang gelap, bukankah banyak kerinduan saat kami hendak melupakan? dan tidak terbilang keinginan melupakan saat kami dalam rindu hingga rindu dan melupakan jaraknya setipis benang saja.

(Tere Liye – Novel Rindu: 495)

40 days..

August 4, 2017

30 days

"Allah is Omnipotent"

As I was driving to work this morning, a song aired through the radio. A realisation that has long been there came to me again.

Allah is the Best of Planner. When everything around us seems to be crumbling down to pieces, and there seem to be no glimpse of hope, He will send a way, or at least, show us how to hope again. His mercy works in mysterious ways.

For all that that we have planned, Allah's plan for us is better.
For all that we aspire to be, Allah's aspiration for us is better.
For all that we think we have grips on, Allah's hold on it is stronger.

All these hardships we had and are going through, may it bring us one step closer to Taqwa, and to feel His nearness more wholeheartedly.

Not a day goes by that I don't pray you find calmness within these bout of storms.

Surely, but slowly.

"Dari jauh beribu batu
Membawa hati yang lalu
Ku serah semua pada Mu
Segala hanya untuk Mu"

July 28, 2017

hoobastank pernah cakap sebabnya adalah kamu

today i was asked why do i like you?

i found myself a bit dumbfounded at the question, having no ready answer to give.

should i be ever ready with an answer to throw everytime someone ask of me this very same question?

i had known that i'm not a person who are easily swayed by the outer appearance of a man, having had distasteful encounters with some men who only looks good on the outside, but with little to no manners to match God's given right to him.

so why do I even like you?

is it your look? is it in the way you treat me? is it in the way you carry yourself? or is it in the way you know your place on this Earth belonging to Your Lord?

if you had asked, i would have told you, i don't have a reason.

what is love when it is conditional? what is love if it's only a reason or many reasons? and what if the reasons are taken away?

of course, you are the many ways that make you who you are.

the many deeds that you do that make you who you are.
the many words that you said that make you who you are.
and the many smiles that make you who you are.
and the many angry moods that make you who you are.
and the many other things that make you who you are..

and i had accepted the whole of it without any exceptions.

As John Powell had written so elegantly;

"So do not ask me WHY I love you. Such a question could invite only the response of conditional love. I do not love you because you look a certain way or do certain things or practice certain virtues.

Only ask me this, "Do you love me?"

That I can answer: "Yes, oh yes."

what is love? it's about being there in great times, good times, boring times, difficult times, bad times and shitty times.

p/s: hopeless romantic who would possibly make adyla gag.

p/s/s: and i'm writing so that i can remember. in case i develop Alzheimer's in my later years.

June 29, 2017

what is in your hand?

perhaps, the most important questions you'll be asked in your life are;

  • what is that your hand possessed?
  • what are you doing with what you have been given?
in the Quran, Allah once asked Prophet Musa (Moses):

And what is that in your right hand, O Moses?

and then he answered:
It is my staff; I lean upon it, and I bring down leaves for my sheep and I have therein other uses.
in his ted talk video, rick warren says that, the staff represents 3 things about Musa:

  1.  his identity. he was a shepherd. a symbol of his occupation.
  2. his income.
  3. symbol of his influence (if you have ever read the story, the staff later was turned into a serpent, by the will of Allah, and help Musa convince the Israelis to worship the one and only God)

the purpose of influence is to speak up for those who have no influence.

ok nak ckp tu je. kau berhenti la jadi manusia tak guna yang perangai asyik cari salah orang lain tu.

*disclaimer: old post that was sitting lonely in the draft.*

June 24, 2017

a little piece of my heart

i thought of keeping this little piece here, so that i can remember it always, together with everything that is behind it...

"Ya Allah Ar Rahman Ar Rahim, keep us both ya Allah, away from pettiness. Let us be thoughtful in our words and deeds. Help us Ya Allah, to put away pretence and face each other in deep trust without fear or self pity. Help us Ya Allah, to guard ourselves from fault finding and be quick to discover the best in each other in every situation.

Guard us away Ya Allah, from ill temper and hasty judgement and encourage us to take time for all things, and be calm, gentle and serene. Help us Ya Allah, to be generous with kind words and compliments. Teach us Ya Allah never to ignore, never to hurt and never to take each other for granted.

Ya Allah, engrave charity and kindness in our hearts. Assist us Ya Allah, to be the best example for our children, and guide us so that we''ll be able to raise them as leaders, who will lead others to the straight path.

May Allah help us to stay true on the straight path, and may Allah protect us away from our own wrongdoings and transgression. May Allah help us to stay grounded and rooted.

May Allah grant us steadfastness and preserverance in every thing we pursue in life, and be people of success and values that others can look up to.

And lastly, assist and allow us Ya Allah, be the enabler for each other to enter Jannah."

it's the night of Syawal today, may Allah grant us another month full of blessings and good deeds.