October 13, 2014

eh, kau ni gelap la!

some months ago, i went into a beauty parlor for hair treatment. while i was in there, the lady behind the counter looked at me strangely, and she started to go through some of the products on the shelves, and bingo!, she presented me with a cream.

lady: this is a famous whitening cream in pakistan. it's all the rage there.

me: *solemnly looks at the poorly packaged product*

L: you will see the result just after 1 week of using it. your skin will be much fairer and *bla bla bla*

me: yeah, let me take a look first.

L: please do. one bottle costs only rm100+ and we will return you the money if you don't see any result. this product is rarely sold here,
consider yourself lucky that i'm introducing you to this wonderful beauty miracle.

me: *ugh, rm100 for such suspicious item. it's probably arsenic and corrosive! and the packaging looks like it cost only rm10!*

no, i don't think i want it.

L: why? you should try it! for God's sake you are dark!

me: nope, not for me, thanks.

*leaves shop*

so i was irritated. i find it absolutely annoying when people like this woman here think the everyone who are naturally dark-skin MUST WANT to lighten them up via any methods possible. even if it can harm your skin and health. this is not my first encounter of course, and probably won't be my last.

it is sickening to see the way beauty are measured these days. as if you are less of a person if you didn't meet the certain standard set by the society. i'm not going to elaborate on that further, for there are plenty of reading materials out there that condemns the way beauty are measured.

while some drastic measures like taking yourself under the knives to appear aesthetically better have yet to truly take off in malaysia, the way whitening products are sought after in this country is fascinating (given that, most malaysian are actually fair, and, they want to be, uh..fairer?).

why don't you consume health products instead, eh?

in the meantime, the only thing gals who don't possess white, fair or dewy complexion can do is hang in there, and beat the stigma by being purely awesome and kind.

trust me you don't need friends or spouses who only wants you for your fair skin.



InkFlow said...

Dark skin doesn't make anyone less beautiful.

Just by saying that to you makes the lady in question 'ugly'. And I did not even have to look at what 'colour' she is.

InkFlow said...

Btw, can i say it.... I'll say it anyway...


You don't know how many times I've open this page. Longingly.

I kid you not!

Nor Liana Kamaruzzaman said...

Ignore that. It's sad that even woman themselves look upon another woman by superficial means.

Also, darker skin have their own allure. Who says dark skin is not beautiful? Cleopatra have dark skin and she succeeded in leading Rome, attracting Caesar and Anthony. Hajar, the second wife of Abraham a.s. was of dark skin compared to Sarah.

Darker skin also have their benefits; less risk of skin cancer due to good melanin and pigmentation compared to fairer skin.

Most of all, in regards of your own life, you're beautiful to us. We know you longer than the woman, who only knows you for that one moment. Anyone can be pretty; it takes both inside,outside and time to know to see somebody's beauty.