June 21, 2012

tak tercapai dek akal

it was called the year of sadness. his beloved uncle died. his ever loving wife passed on. the people of Tai'f greeted him with stones.

he was in grief.

and then came Jibrail alayhi salam. along with the noble angel was a beast, Buraq, they called it. 

it moves faster than light. it had never been seen before, and had never been seen again.

so he rides on the Buraq, and together they head for Jerusalem. 

there, he was greeted by them. those he had been told about, but had never met. the other exalted prophets and messengers of his Lord. 

he lead them in a congregational, two raka'ah prayer.

he was on the Buraq again. this time it took him to the heavens. Allahu Akbar. the seven heavens.


Yahya. Isa. 






may peace be upon all of them. 

and then, he was ascended again. to a place no man, no angel has ever reached. 

he saw the face of his Lord. talk to Him directly in confidant. a gift that was never given to anyone before him.

a moment he will cherished forever. 

'tell me what do you wish for, I shall grant it for you.'

'nothing, my Lord.'

but his Lord granted him the greatest gift of all. and it was a gift for the rest of humanity too.


he was then shown the highly coveted heaven, prepared for the believers.  

and the hell fire, and those who dwell within it. Allahu Akbar.

he was then returned to the Holy City. 

and he continued his mission. true to his word until his dying breath. 

may Allah be pleased with him. the light sent for the world.


we long to see you. 

may we meet in Jannah, bi'idnillah. 

p/s: in popular science, Einstein said that once a man reaches the speed of light, he is no longer bound to time and space. many Muslims scholars had proposed that Prophet Muhammad s.a.w had travelled at the speed of light when he rides the Buraq on that blessed night. 

this corresponds to the story that taught to us and narrated in the hadith, that the whole journey happened in a very short period, some said in a split second. wallahua'alam.

let us all find strength and lessons in this journey that was blessed upon our beloved prophet. may Allah increase all of us in our Eeman by pondering upon this magical event.

**: what's left is only for us to see how much of a gift it was to us. ;)