May 21, 2012


when i was in primary school, there were quotes written every where on the walls.

one particular quote stuck with me until today. it is common enough, but i first came across it at my school.

'strike while the iron is hot.'

it didn't really hit me as anything special. my english was in the drain back then, so i couldn't really relate to it.

so, fast forward a couple of years into the future, i saw the quote again. this time, i had a reaction (english still in the drain, but there was some vocabulary expansion);

what? why would anyone strike (thought: touch) a hot iron (thought: clothing iron aka seterika).
so, yeah, that's about it.

it was stupid, but it was something stupid that i did.

disclaimer: i did figure out finally what iron actually is and why it needs to be strike.



Najat said...

lol. i was thinking the same things! iron=seterika, strike=pukul.

now i understand! thanks for the revelation.

InkFlow said...

ahahaha. ok. interesting post. X)