September 26, 2011

shopping ; pleasure or pain

why is shopping a pain in the brain ;

1. it's almost always impossible to find a shoe that I will like and is COMFORTABLE to my sole. shoes designed for women these days are ridiculously uncomfortable, expensive, impractical and are not made for walking!! it is better to walk on your bare feet, trust me. and then, there is the high heels. they are the STUPIDEST thing ever designed for women. it is painful, will cause your feet to blister, and in long term, will most likely destroy your knee and other part of your organs. still, you will find more high heels than flats on display. 

and when you find a shoe that is acceptable, the sales girl will duly informed you that they don't have it in your size. drum rolls, resume the agonizing search!

i secretly pray that the shoes that i own now will last forever. 

2. i remember one of my bizarre experience. i was shopping for a bag, and found a bag that would do very well for me to bring along to class and stuff my files into. so, i purchased it. the next day, i had a fever. the next few hours, i was attacked with the overwhelming need to vomit every time i look at the bag. the next minute, i grabbed the bag and hide it the back of my closet. i thought i will very much to get over my 'temporary madness' after the fever subside. well, i did not. i still very much feel like throwing up every time i looked at the bag. the next week, i sold the bag to an aunt for rm20. 

did i mentioned i bought it for rm70? good riddance, honestly. 

and i never went out shopping for bags since then. 

the pleasure ;

3. i love groceries shopping! (you will keep hearing this, adyla)  it is always so much fun to shop for the home. i used to follow my parents when i was young, just in the hope to secretly include some illegal items in the cart. and irritates my mom later when she detected it on the cashier counter. now (still young), i like browsing for items at the market, just looking out for extraordinary and interesting things people use in their cooking and gadgets to make life in the house simple and well, uh... clean. 

4. books. for the obvious reason. 

now, i'm just out of ideas. 


InkFlow said...

pasar shopping? hahaha/

Najat said...

lols. CERTAIN universities require you to wear heels to CERTAIN ceremonies. let's not mention names shall we? haha.
although, most women look good in heels even if they kill their feet. apparently looking good justifies the pain.haha.
find a pair from Clarks or Scholl. comfortable and they dont look too bad either.
but the price tags are not for the faint hearted =.=

InkFlow said...

are you abandoning your blog? O_O