September 19, 2011

gamjajeon or, in simple language, potato pancakes

i had always wanted to make gamjajeon (not ganja, pleasee), since i saw Hyori made them in one of the episodes of family outing, and the guys were making beeline for it.

so today, fueled by a hungry and roaring stomach, and of course, athirah's upload of her eating out and savoring korean cuisine, i made a mad rush to the kitchen and started peeling some potatoes.

this was the first time i actually spent under 20 minutes in the kitchen and left it armed with something edible. here's a photo of it;

it looks a bit like malaysian 'cucur', but the main ingredient here is potato instead of just plain flour in cucur.

ok, who am i kidding, it looks exactly like 'cucur'. 

and tasted like 'cucur' too. (my mum's comment T-T)

according to the recipe, this pancake will taste great with some korean style dip. well, i say, they haven't discovered the very malaysian chilli sauce.



InkFlow said...

when u figure out the mysteries of kimchi please call me.

I've tried more than 5 times. always failed.

Najat said...

wooo..adibah cooking. that's interesting. :/
i'm terrible in the kitchen.