February 15, 2011

despite my best judgement

so, i ended up reading downloaded e-novel last night and half day today.

result? i think i had found a really great author in the genre of historical romance.

judith mcnaught is to romance genre what agatha christie was to the crime and thriller.

i honestly adore agatha christie's books. i had never really found another crime/thriller genre author who lived up to chritie's writing style and plots.

christie's stories were so wildly unpredictable. (except for the suspicious appearance of Monsieur Hercule Poirot at the soon-to-be-crime-scene, somewhat similar to that of Mouri the Detective and Conan in the Conan series)

so was mcnaught's. i had just finished reading her very first novel, written over 20 years ago, and truly, it was brilliant. i mean BRILLIANT. it make me jump in my seat ok. and makes me wants to get myself a punchbag just so that i can let out my frustration. oh, this novel i read was titled; whitney, my love.

the story might had been stretched a bit unnecessarily, and well, it is a NOVEL. but still, the pace of the story was very fast and not dragging.

enough said. and to adyla, no wonder your sister liked her. ;)

have i told you they are both brilliant?


InkFlow said...

my my. I see I shall be expecting your comment about bookexcess anytime soon...


you already did.

-adibah- said...

what?! hmmph!

Anonymous said...

hm...my sis also like to read Judith's books. Among those she recommended to me ( I tried, but love stories are just not my thing...) are:

Until You,
Almost Heaven,
A Kingdom of Dreams.

I'm not sure if she still have the novels.

-adibah- said...

nana, thanks for the recommendation. i have those in my computer. ;)