February 13, 2011

self reminder

you don't like this.

hi adibah. do you remember me? yes, i am your alter ego. no mr hyde. don't worry.
i am just here to remind you to NEVER EVER again buy red meat when you are eating out with your friends. you DON'T LIKE red meat. remember? by the way, i don't like red meat too! it sucks. even your body never quite agree to red meats. so, listen to us and don't eat red meat ever when you go out.

just like today when you took a piece of red meat (because you think it looks yummy) and ended only consuming only a shred of it. u bloody fool! and the food was expensive! money gone just like that.

just reminding you.

now i shall be off.


InkFlow said...

but you could always buy it for me. ;)

-adibah- said...

yes, i could always buy for you. :) steak?