December 15, 2010

special update for kak ain

i just remembered i promised kak ain i will update regarding our visit to the big bad wolf sales.

she couldn't join us because she was hospital bounded, dengue case. lembik betul. :P alhamdullilah, she did fully recover from the sickness.

so, this time, the sales was held at South Plaza Mall, somewhere opposite the road to where Mines is located.

i remembered the day as clear as the sky on a bright day. of course, i was so excited the whole week, wishing friday will come fast. i even suggested to adyla my idea that we should be there earlier than the opening hours, because the book we wanted might get 'ravished'. and hell, wasn't i right.

when we were approaching the sales area, i realized that i was grinning like a fool. and then i realized that adyla was doing the exact foolish thing. grinning like a fool. or maybe, we were smiling wolfishly? (at the sight of the books of course) i pointed this out loud, i think this is what happened when two book fanatics went to books sales. they couldn't stop smiling.

some pictures;

yes, there were so many people when we arrived. if i am not mistaken, we reached that at 1130am, just an hour and half past the opening hour. the books we really wanted was gone, people were everywhere in the area (somehow the crowds just failed to bother me, the crowd hater) books were everywhere, the payment line was really long, but, oh well, who bothered, since we got really cheap books.

i bought 8 books. i can only remember 7 now.

1. i capture the castle by dodie smith
2. kim by rudyard kipling
3. just so stories by rudyard kipling
4. ransom my heart by meg cabot
5. nicola and the viscount by meg cabot
6. married by morning by lisa kleypas
7. collins french dictionary

well, that's about it.

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naskin said...

Lembik? Haha

Kalo Akak ada pun, sure akan smile like a fool jgak. :P