December 2, 2010

the cheshire cat to alice

p/s: next book to grab!


najat said...

lols.aku tgh bace through the looking glass.tak abes2 sampai skrg :S

-adibah- said...

lepas exam habiskan la yer. :D

InkFlow said...

Apparently (based on reviews) alice in wonderland is a story about how a girl views the adult world. How 'weird' and 'interesting' it seems to alice. Coz everyone is so very different from her.
How the queen got angry at everything and punishes everyone, the cat who talks in riddles but is wise, the mad hatter that loves to party, the twins, and the rabbit who's always chasing time. We can relate these characters to adults. A businessman who is always chasing his schedule, a grumpy old maid who scolds everyone and even young adults who love to party.

I think it's amazing how the writer makes the story based on childrens view on adults and made it into a new world.

I still haven't read the book either. But looking forward to reading it. >.<

If I'm not mistaken the old movie for alice in wonderland at the ending showed how alice who was so confused by everyone around her finally thought to herself 'Just be yourself.'

I think that was the ending. My memory is a bit fuzzy.... I remember there was a sphinx at the end or was it a griffin.... weirddddd

InkFlow said...

I love that you are updating more frequently.


InkFlow said...

ohoho. well my good friend. It is thus such a pleasant day today. Will thou not update your blog oh dear lady?
Thy words attend to me in my time of need (coughboredomcough).

This is what happens at 2am. XD