November 28, 2010

lancelot, gwaine or arthur?

psst: today's mood happened to be a happy one..

i just finished watching the latest episode of Merlin, to be more precise, the second last episode of the current season. (weep endlessly) after 40 minutes, i was like omg-ing around. i was also yelling at my laptop demanding why can't i watched the upcoming episode now. of course, my laptop told me to shut up and wait until next week to see the last episode (weep again) (a brief preview reveals that Lancelot and Gwaine will be included in a same episode for the first time, the reason i was yelling at my laptop in the first place)

a thought: are the producers mad? Arthur, Lancelot and Gwaine in the same episode? (totally drool-worthy as Najat or Yuin might say)

thoughts to myself: on a more personal level, i think watching merlin had led me to wasting my time like an idiot, for i became more interested in the Arthurian legends. when i became obsessed with something, i go all the way. so, in an attempt of trying to understand the legend, i read up quite a lot of nonsense about it on wiki. what i mean by nonsense is, apparently half of the knights of the round table were bastards, because, as it happened so, most knights were not as chivalrous as they ought to be,(the bastards fathers were also knights) the stories also narrates that arthur commited incest! yikesss! so unfit for a king! and he killed his bastard son, and was left with grave injury during his final battle with him (Le Morte d'Arthur).

it is also interesting how the girls in the legends are put at fault for some of the wrongdoings of the knights. example; Morgana was blamed for the incest with Arthur. Guinevere was almost burn at stake for her affairs with Lancelot. (shouldn't the knights be chivalrous and not go around seducing women? or at least reject when they are seduced by the wrong girls?) from what i understand, women was once told that they were the only reason Adam was expelled from heaven. i think all male writers during that time take the matter seriously and applied that knowledge quite well in their writings.

just read yourself, then you will understand. but in the first, please keep in your mind that this will be a total waste of your time. historians are still arguing if King Arthur really existed, since there are very few evidence suggesting so. until the proves revealed itself, we will just accept these tales as, well, tales. but, i am still interested.

so there you go, a total waste of your time reading blithering from my side.

but the question remains for Merlin the TV series fans, who is hotter; Lancelot, Gwaine or Arthur? don't worry, i will forgive you and love you all the same if you said it's The Dragon (hey, he spits fire, no?)


InkFlow said...

most definately the dragon. ;)

naskin said...

you are obsessed to say bastard in this entry! :))

p/s: Agree with Adyla, the Dragon. :P

crimsonskye said...

Ain kata tak tengok Merlin, tapi tau pulak Dragon tu. :p