July 12, 2009

what i am

1) sick of bossy people who think their only job are to tell us what to do and extended no help at all. and yeah, they are supreme, nobody is above them. all other opinion will be disposed right at the moment they heard it, and say, 'uh, no, you cannot be right. you are stupid, i am not'

2) so, so, so tired. totally sleep-deprived. incapable of thinking straight 50% of the time. working like a machine.

3) facing a new type of species called the 'i'm the lecturer, i can do anything i want'. changes mood at the speed of a hygiene freak 2 years old changed their diapers. all hard workers in class are categorized as 'show-off'. forces every single student to bring heavy, shiny brand new textbook to the one hour tutorial class. no sharing allowed. anyone who gave excuses are in the group of 'unworthy' of a spot in the university. told us our midterm will be at week 10 or 11, and out of the blue re-scheduled it to 21st of July.

4) apologizing to my mum and dad, for not calling so often, i forget things more easily now. i miss you both.

5) glad for the friends that i have. thanks for just being there and giving supports. constantly remind me to prioritize, ok?

6) going to be broke. cash in bank is depreciating fast. maybe i should get a job?

7) not the person who get stress out so easily. Alhamdullilah for this.

8) just trying to enjoy myself and have fun in this madness zone.

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