July 13, 2009

what the hell [edited]

it seems like this weekend is all about being pissed big time.

the last person i had slapped on the face was probably my brother or sister. hehe, they got it easy from me. yesterday(saturday), the rage was awaken again. thankfully, he was hundred metres away,only available through the phone to me . dude, you have some serious attitude problem. i don't know if i can manage.

i badly want to mention names but if i do, it will lead into a bigger problem. i'll keep reminding myself what my senior told me yesterday.

that's the end of the story.


norain shari said...

what did the senior said?? :p

btw, patience is everything. knowing ppl like that is a just a piece of problem that we have to go through. there's more awaiting for us in the near future. ;)

u go gurl!

InkFlow said...

haiz.... troublesome fellow. Im sad u have to deal with him. haiz...