July 5, 2009


my workloads is piling up and down constantly, i'm not complaining (i'm not!), but this is one of those tough semester, academic wise, because there are assignments that need to be submitted almost every weeks!!! and i mean every freaking week. so far, everything is going pretty smoothly, but bumpy rides ahead, rest assured. i mean, what the hell do you do when your group mate does not show up for class and did not even tell the rest of us he/she was planning to do his/her own thing that day? please, we need co-operation, one missing members could result in disaster, panic attack and loathsome moments. and if you are planning to not show up for most of the classes, let me know. i want the leader to kick you out of the group. i wanted you in our group, but i'm regretting now. feeling guilty to the rest of my fellow members. i had given you so much help, so i don't deserve bull excuses from you. please don't make me hate you, for god sake, i don't like hating people unless you really deserve it.

and to my all dear friends, can you all please constantly remind me that we have to come out and discuss our group business plan? i am so forgetful about this one thing, it slips out of my mind. like how my money just slips out of my pocket. (er) please let me know if i'm missing something, not doing my work properly etc etc. we need a group meeting. more meetings, hehe.

that's all for now. a big thanks to adyla and tyrah for a great outing day today. even though lots of cash was involved, lol. and buy manual cars later in life, ok?

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InkFlow said...

groupmates make it easy to hate them. I wonder why?.... I already end up having cold war with one person. hahah. but Im glad for it. Dont really like that particular person in the first place. hahah..
who says we need to like everyone yea?
Btw, buy manual cars? omg! The passangers in my car will go crazy! hahahaha.
This thurs going out for Ice age. wana join?
If you tight budget its ok. Maybe come over to our house this sunday. Im planning to make korean steamboat for dinner. *wink wink
(dun worry I will teman to cyberia and back home. :D
grr... i hate meetings... but we need them to be able to communicate.....sigh.