July 15, 2009

Where art thou, little ‘bumi’?

just fyi, wrote this at 3 am in the morning (wednesday) no connection at all.

Today, I rushed all the way back to my room from SLA, (walked a LOT today, here and there) cause one of the NTU staff called fara telling her that he will be at our doorstep at 2.30pm to fix our limited connectivity problem. So with hope as high as the sky I flew back to room and waited for the staff to come.

So, he arrived, and fixed whatever on earth he thought he should fix. i asked him what was wrong and he told me, ‘saya pun tak tau’. =__= He tried connecting the network card to nurul and fara’s laptop, with no result that the problem was anywhere near solved. And then, he brought out his laptop, connect it to the card and voila, the internet did not hesitate to show up! And just after that, I tried re-connecting the card to nurul’s laptop and the small ‘bumi’ showed up. finally. Happy I was, messaged the two gals and happily went to class in fom.

Arrived back at room around 430pm, we were all happy cause now we don’t have to rely anymore on the unreliable wireless up here on the 3rd floor. But our hope was shattered at 6pm. (lol)

Exactly three hours after the return of the internet, it left us again. Without wasting any seconds, I sent a hate ticket to ntu again, complaining all over again about same old same old thing. (I wished I had written a critique essay for them about how the three of us are amputated went internet decided to go MIA. they should know i live by google) i hope they will be here asap and fix our problem permanently. Or possibly just give us a new room. hehe.

i apologize for too many complaining posts lately. do you think I did not notice?

p/s : we did our own post mortem just now on the problem and solved it. :D

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