July 3, 2009

emo days

this week, i had the privilege to encounter a series of emotional event, through my friends who went emo. i'll never go public if i'm emo, i'll just bug najat with my dramas. honestly, only to najat, meiyuin and adyla in the future. (hahahahah)

emo case one : adyla

yesterday i text-ed adyla around 12pm

me: dyla, r u in campus?
dyla: no, i'm in sunway.
me: oh,ok.
dyla: y?
me: i want to pay you cash for the daicon shirt.
dyla: haha. i c. saturday still on rite? u pay me that day la.

later in the afternoon, around 5, text-ed her back, assuming she is still in the happy mood she was 2 hours ago.

me: dyla, going for interfaith tonight?
dyla : no, having emotional problem. need to rehabilitate.
me(in my head, half drowsy): wth? rehabilitating in sunway??
me:(text-ed back) ok dear, take good care of yourself.

later that night, she explained why she was being emotional, of which you can read in her blog.

emo case two : mei yuin

chatted on msn, mei yuin was going emo on something i don't think i should write here. at some point in my life, even i got fed up with the 'events' we were discussing about. i told yuin about that, to assure her someone else was pissed too.(did i?)

emo case three : me

i was all emo last week, and told najat everything. i just know i need to tell someone about what's happening, because at some point, i wanted to cry, but i can't. (only those who had experienced this know, its like someone literally stabbed a knife at your lung) it is always a relief to be able to share with someone you know. i was partially emo too this week,i will complain to najat all about it later. (damn, najat is going back to UTM!!)

all this emo talk, reminded me of something that happened 3 years back.


najAt said...

baba,did u know,human race invented something called,emm..i dunno, the HANDPHONE????
so,reaching me will be no problem at all.huhu.

-adibah- said...

najat, since the arrival of internet, why should we pay for communicating for hours through the phone? we use the instant messenger. messenger. instant. free.

InkFlow said...

Emo ka? huhu. sometimes u just need a source to let it ALL out... Im planning to go Alamanda this thrusday as well. And i really need to head out to the arcade to shoot some zombies. hahhaa.
Anything u cn tell me. I'll listen.

-adibah- said...

hahaha...i forget we are supposed to do that today!! dont worry, i'll find you when i need to go all emo. ;)