April 23, 2009


Date : 21-04-2009 Subject Code : LCB1010 Posted By : CHOO SIEW HWA

Dear students:

Nimen hao. Please do the online evaluation.




our laoshi posted this on mmls recently. she was encouraging us to do online evaluation so that the deans and faculties may know the performance of all lecturers...

all the comments i wrote on my lecturers are of course, p&c...but i'm making public the comment i made on the facilities..(the words in red are additional points)

"Tutorial rooms in FOM are not in good condition, even though they are brand new. Classes in FOE is much more comfortable.(**adakah budak foe lebih penting dr fom?huhu, all the engineers will not be working properly without us the managers and ceos..hahaha,ok this is not me saying, i'm quoting someone)

A lot of the table (attached) to the chair has loose screw(i don't how to put this into words) (in FOM, pls fix them)..etc etc..

i pay my internet bills, but the server is often down..yes, even the intranet.

library facilities are overall excellent.

what do u mean by scheduled time to use computer in the labs? it is always locked, how are students who don't have pc or broken pc supposed to access internet(intranet) for learning purpose?(or assignments)"(**and again, in foe, the lab is always open..but fom student will want to be using fom labs cause all the accounting software are there)

the end...

** i'm only commenting on foe facilities because it is the only other faculty i'm having my classes at besides fom

note to najat before you go mad with me: i'm not being grateful, i wrote this cause i'm paying every cent on everything.


crimsonskye said...

Thank you for the reminder. :) Tak buat lagi online evaluation... hehe.

-adibah- said...

haha..no problem kak bibah =)