April 28, 2009

the mukhayyam chapter

finally! i found some free time to jot down something serious on my recent mukhayyam in sungai lui, hulu langat. i'm planning to be absolutely brief about it...well, we'll see..

the plan was to depart from al-hidayah surau, mmu after the maghrib prayer, supposedly sometime after 8pm. however, we left mmu around 10pm due to the late arrival of our transportation.

fast forward to where the mukhayyam took place, as we reached there, we were told to climb up to reach our actual destination. it wasn't much a hike, but for a late night walk, the path up there was all muddy,watery and sloppy. 

this venue of our mukhayyam is an absolute beauty of Allah creation, it is a beautiful place which is breezy, peaceful, with a spectacular scenery.

on the first day we were there, there was a congregation dhuha prayer that morning. it was an extraordinary feeling to be able to pray in the beautiful weather, in the middle of nowhere, facing towards the west, to where the rest of our Muslims brethren face 5 times each day, remembered how i felt prostrating before Al-Wadud, the closest feeling to God i had ever felt. the wind was perfect, the timing was perfect, all those trees seems to be prostrating with us that morning. masha-Allah. it was once in a life time experience. 

some important highlights on what were said on the event.

-muslims in mmu are small in number, muslims who are actually doing da'wah are even smaller.
-the inside story on surah as-saff
-a dai'e MUST be optimistic always. ^^
-see your weak point before pointing out others'
-akhlak, akhlak, akhlak (take care,improve)
-increase self knowledge in every aspect, especially about islam

there you go, my brief rantings on the lovely weekends in sungai lui. (minus the mosquitoes)


crimsonskye said...

Ade nyamuk eh... akak tak kena seekor pun. Hehe.

~mIsS_p00h~ said...

betul la bibah!

ade nyamuk ker? np mcm xde yg nk gigit akk pun? hehe..

or~ shud I say darah org tu sgt manis? ;D

-adibah- said...

haha...ye la!! ada nyamuk..(mungkinkah nyamuk2 ini diupah oleh fasi2 untuk attack peserta shj?? hmm...)