April 20, 2009

sleep deprivation mode

'focus on the solution, not the problem'. i first came across this quote when puan toh wrote it on my autograph book.

and i was(still am) fretting on the problem for the past few days which lead into a nightmarish dream. in that dream, i got an E for my FAR.(that means fail)

oddly, i always get an E in the dreams.(pmr,spm and stpm days)

moral of the story, don't ignore whatever pn toh said. that includes all those equations.( >< <> jumpa saya.)

in this second, i wish i could just burst into tears and forget everything. seriously.


meiyuin said...

awe *hugs*

crimsonskye said...

Chaiyok2 diba... jgn sedih2. *HUGS*

InkFlow said...

unfortunately even if u burst into tears you wont forget everything.
Our brains aren't that kind.
On the other hand, head slamming can result to amnesia. wich might contribute to memory loss.
But i dont recommend it.
Hurts like hell. I tried it on the table... didnt get amnesia tho. pity.

Humans aren't weak. Thats why we are still top of the food chain.
So work our asses off for this sem girl.
Im freaking out on FAR as well but heck, failing any subject wont kill us tho...
I guess wat im trying to say is...
"As long as we are alive, we can do something about it."

So dont be down. Go cheer urself up and bounce right back into action. We need all the people we can get to run this world. haha.



-adibah- said...

thanks dyla!! u made my day by this longer than my post comment(lol) and by spamming around in my shoutout box..hehe

it was just a very very very very bad day..i'm past that now..=)

InkFlow said...

hmmm... wen typing it i didnt realize it was longer than ur post.
Im awesome arent i.
(shiok sendiri)

anyway, thank god ur ok.
But if any chance u try to get amnesia and suceeded (if u remember u suceeded), pl tell me how ok?

i might plan to use it wen faced with an embarassing situation.