January 8, 2009

random/weird facts

1. i recently discovered that i have the tendency to cry over everything sad and heart-breaking. something i never could bring myself to before this.

2. i am a hygiene-freak and many people do not know this. perfection is so important to me when it come to hygiene. that's why i'll never adjust properly living in a hostel.

3. i have almost zero cooking knowledge. (some of my friends had been deluded, i don't know how, into the idea that i'm a good cook. so now you know i'm not lying) way back in my high school, i developed this weird habit of sneaking out imported cooking and recipes books out of school library. (they are in the red spot, means you can't borrow it legally) wani think this is laughable and funny because i still don't know how to cook any mouthwatering cuisine. as if looking at it(the books) a thousands time will make you a master chef. but i seriously want to learn cooking because it looks like a fun activity.

4. i am gadget person. any gadgets except for game consoles will never fail to awe me.

5. the three thing i can't live without are water, toothbrush and my spectacles.

6. i don't have any reason for why i switched to study business (accounting), some people keep asking me this stupid question. so, please stop.

7. i have a harry potter scar on my nose. like, true, so don't laugh.

**doing this reminds me of those friendster days when i posted every non-sense on the bulletin board.

by the way, i tag anyone who read this


najAt said...

we have something in common.
i like gadgets too.they fascinate me.kui3.

i read this.
so i'm tagged.

meiyuin said...

inspector gadget..


crimsonskye said...

We definitely need more hygiene freaks, seriously.

HP scar? haha... lepas ni jumpa awak it will be the first thing i'm going to look for. tak perasan pulak sebelum ni. :p

-adibah- said...

yah..kak bibah, watch out for the hp scar..lalalal