January 7, 2009

of new year, fireworks, bombs, ceasefire and blogging in between exams

first thing first, i was not blogging for a a while for a number of reasons :

1:i was super-sick
2:and there is the final exam
3:i don't like to blog from anywhere else but my lappy, and i was away at my aunt's and my laptop needed some time alone, power off.

so, there is my reasoning.

second, the new year started off badly, with the manslaughter in Gaza taking an intense twist. and according Bush, Israel is taking all the preventive action to incapacitate the terrorism activities. by killing innocents, apparently. Gaza, be strong, the rest of the world may not understand your pain, but we are all with you. My prayers goes out to all Palestinians

and this is me blogging in between my exams. and i'm planning to plan to accomplished some plans during my holidays, as without plans, my plan to not waste time will be the sole plan of my holiday. only if you understand.

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