January 16, 2009

wasting time professionally

assalamualaikum and hello again everyone. MMU students are in in their holidays mode. so, don't expect much update from this part of the world.

in an attempt to fill my holidays with what might look like "useful" activities, i came out with some to-do list that so far, was obediently observed by me. so, yeah i'm congratulating myself now.

one of my online activities is searching for a new blogger template. i found one that i really like, but there is a major typo in the original template. so, i cracked my head and finally managed to cracked the html script and edited all the error myself. **ahem** (for a html/java dummy this is an accomplishment, people)

you are currently looking at my blog new template on your screen.

and, this is me blogging live from home. signing off for now.

1 comment:

najAt said...

my holiday activities include cooking,baking and doing own laundry.say 'YAY' for me.