July 14, 2008

Life is to be continued

sorry for not blogging for almost a month my dearest fans....^.^

i just couldn't find ample time to write, or rather, i just don't have any interesting topics that i could actually write about. yeah, you got that right, life is pretty dull in mmu for the last one month. this week will definitely be a busy one. starting tomorrow, especially. a week with sife will start tomorrow, kicking off with the first activity, treasure hunt. i will just pray that it will not be another stupid game that just deals about splashing water on each other. damn, damn, damn. on wednesday, there will be, ok i don't remember this. come thursday, sife members will be having a session with Tune Money.

exams are coming up soon. very soon. on 22nd of july, there is the marketing exam. a week later, on 29th of july, the management test. for us accounting students, mid-term exam carries 20% of the marks for the semester and sad to say, there is no MCQ. i assumed that is so that we can get exemption for 9 out of 15 ACCA papers. and, for your information, i do not plan to take ACCA. CIMA and CPA are more appealing to me. besides, i don't really want to be an accountant. heeeeee....accenture, please hire me after i graduated.

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