July 18, 2008

it is 2 in the morning

it's 2 in the morning and i can only hear the sound of the spinning fan in my room. it is quite and i am waiting for my roommate to come back from her clinic trip. she is sick, as in high fever and runny nose. hoping she will be back soon. my other roommate had already fallen sound asleep. we are all super tired.

first, let me make one thing clear, i DID NOT attend any of the activities that SIFE organized this week. the simple reason to that is because of overlapping of clubs and societies meetings that seems to be a norm in MMU. whatever happened to organizing a proper schedule. thus the proper decision for me to make is to join the meetings that are more important than the SIFE week.

anyway, the reason i am writing this post is to declare that The Dark Knight is an excellent movie! Yeah, we (Kak Mawadah, Nurul, Fara, Dina, Aksa, Liyana and me) were among the first in the world to watch the premiere. ok, not the actual midnight premiere, zzz. to the hell with the critiques, christian bale is super hot, hot, hot *drool*, and heck, didn't he played his billionaire cum crusader role enthusiastically. the whole movie as expected is full with actions. heath ledger r.i.p excellently played the role of the villain, joker. with his infamous tag line, "by the way, did you know how did i got this scar?" yeah, ok buddy, no i do not want to know that. my conclusion is, the movie was great, so splurge your money on it.

my roommate is finally back with her medications. and i better be getting my sleep now as tomorrow will be another hectic day for myself...


aqs said...

it's 'aqsa' btw :P hahahha

-adibah- said...

HAHA!! sorry, i just found out it's 'q' not 'k'