August 4, 2008


ok, so finally, the midterm holiday is here!! yay!! i'm on my way home now, waiting for the train to arrive at this very second..(dang,the train is delayed...T.T)

so just to update, i had two midterm test for the past two weeks, one management test (which i can confidently tell you i did it miserably) and the marketing test (just fyi, this is one of my favorite subject=) ) and, after this holidays, there will be another two test, namely microeconomics and malaysian studies. god knows how much i wished i could drop malaysian studies using my credit for pengajian am. (yes honey, the class is that boring, only cikgu redzuan know how to light up our pengajian am a.k.a malaysian studies classes, haih)

i'm looking forward a great week in taiping without my financial accounting book, (but the economy book HAS to be in taiping with me,zzzz) and spend it with tv(i miss oprah), lots of sleep (i think i sleep too much in mmu, but still..hehe) and my beloved family. and , oh yeah...driving, of course.

that's all for now, the train will be arrving in 5 minutes.(it better be)

p/s: christian bale is hot!!

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