March 25, 2008

A new beginning...? *hopefully*

Phew..finally the closing date for filling in our choices for courses in varsities came. I, somehow, did a last minute drastic changes on my choice of courses. Well, don't even ask me why. I have never been extremely sure on what I actually want to do for a living. For a moment it is accounting, come next day, I feel like doing media studies....Oh well..And my parents are actually uninformed of this timely change I made. *.*

I will admit one thing, I'm not optimistic about this whole thing. I personally don't think I'll get a place in local varsities. If a dear friend ever read this, she'll start to preach her optimism on me. And, she'll win most of the time. Good will always wins evil. In a way. And, she meant well, I have to say. :-)


meiyuin said...

hmm...optimism? wakakakakakakkakaa..............

nvm lar...dun get public uni den we spend all our pizza money on mmu :P

Dimas Dali said...

Sayang banget nih, bagus blognya tapi ga update Cipto Junaedy Cari Uang di bajumurmer