March 22, 2008

Does Money=Happiness?

I think it's alarming how many young people like me are starting to associate money with happiness. The more money you have, the happier you will be. Right? Wrong.

Undoubtly, you can't live without money, but it should never be the controlling part of your life. Robert T Kiyosuki says that many people works for money when it should be the other way round. That's a whole new different story of course..

T.Selva wrote an excellent article on this.( )That was one of my favorite article.

Til then, God bless.

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meiyuin said...

It's true that money can't buy hapiness. But what if you have no money and you're unwell? You will suffer because you don't have the money to treat you. And when you're unwell, you feel unhappy. That's my opinion :P