April 29, 2008

Leaving My Nest..

A bit nervous I supposed..hopefully it will be a fulfilling journey and experience for myself..

Thanks to those who tried to discourage me from pursuing accounting in varsity, I appreciated your efforts and wisdom, but I am too optimistic too fall for your suggestion..besides my love for maths and numbers are stronger than me.....err...

And of course, thanks to my parents who understood my choices and let me do what I wish to..

My friends who thought I was 'deviating' when I made my choice, please accept me for who I am..for I did the same to you..

...that's it for now

In case you are at lost what on earth I'm talking about, I'm continuing my studies in MMU, leaving on 8th of June, Insha-Allah.

*some of my friends think it's no good to go for private institution, ah-ha. think again*

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