March 22, 2008

The joy of Pokok Assam Morning Market

Yay!! My first entry after not blogging for almost 6 months. That was on my Friendster blog. Well, I deleted it.

Yes, the joy of Pokok Assam morning market. I simply love this place. I will visit it religiously at least twice every week. (Tho had been doing it everyday lately) It is such a joyful moment to see all the hawkers and people who make the crowd feel so alive. It is almost impossible to feel 'boring' and you will never get 'what?-that-place-again?' type of attitude from anyone. Of course, given that you can find almost everything you need here from the a bra to the most mouth- watering type of foods.(The type you could find only in Taiping)

I will try to include some photos of this morning market later on.

Such is the liveliness of the heart of Pokok Assam.

Just my thoughts on this little 'Chinatown'.


meiyuin said...

what special food that taiping only sells O.o""

adibah_kasim said...

haha..not special in that sense..i mean, the best nasi lemak so far is pokok assam's