June 7, 2017

spektrum yang kelabu dan persoalan retorikal

yesterday i injured my weaker arm again, after falling (surprised?) sprayed on the ground, due to misstep and slippery walkway. injury is nearby the spot it has been previously fractured. now it is swollen and is partially useless. my feet is a pain to walked on too.

hello again to driving with only one arm. i should qualify to some award for this feat. 

adding salt to injury, the attitude my car displayed is frustrating, keeps refusing to start at the first 10 tries. albeit perfectly fine battery.

remembering previous injury which was 10x more painful and tear inducing, it brings me into a reflection that some pains are more tolerable than others. you have to accept it no matter what. 

the same is with life. there are lines. in life, there are plenty of fine lines. some lines, when crossed, will bring pain to you or those who matters. but how far can you cross it without inflicting pain on yourself (or others)? and how deep can the pain

in between what's right, or what is wrong.

in between deciding, whether something is still worth fighting for, or it's time to let go.

in between acceptance of abused trust and the motives behind it, or just walking away.

you have to learn how to accept and choose your destiny, because sometimes, you can only do so much about it.

and someone once told me, always be the water that softens the stone, over time. be like the sea of Galilee. it gives and lives.

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