May 22, 2017


i do wonder if anyone is still reading this dusty old blog. have pretty much been posting what's inside my heart rather than useful things or trying to inspire others to chase their dream, or being a feminist. (no worries, very much still a feminist with a something's gotta give flair)

(ok fine, there was only 2 new posts for the past 3 years.)

ramadhan is nearing so it's that time of the year again! the last time i lost 7 kg and never gain it back. and with current state of affairs, it will probably be difficult to maintain a healthy BMI. adds into the equation some serious lost of appetite and boom, let's see how this goes. hopefully my heart can come out stronger than its pre-ramadhan state. 

you can see how much sense i'm making. also i was re-reading some of the old posts here and trying not to crawl under the blanket, for some aspirations that are still hanging around, waiting for me to shine it again and again. also noticed some grave grammatical mistakes i cannot forgive my past self for. who am i kidding, I still couldn't accept myself for the caption that reads 'picture is tooken with yuin's camera's.' i mean dib, is tooken even a legitimate word any self respecting person would ever be caught dead writing? (my past self apparently, thinks it is)

i'm ending this post with another watery things I read today, cause, just because. it's a wonderdul feeling to rediscover beauty in a language you loved so very much, and i thank, applaud and support every aspiring Malay writers who are elegant and eloquent with words. each one of them, in their very own way is trying to put 'izzah back in our national language again.

"begitulah, kita sering dipatah-patahkan oleh orang yang paling kita cintai dan besok, sembuhnya juga kerana dia."

baca prosa penuh di pautan di bawah:

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MeiYuin said...

Me too... came back to read my old blog and realised how much anger i had in the past.