July 23, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

hope. survival. perseverance.

these are the central theme of the latest Batman trilogy. these movies are close to my heart, perhaps because it plays around the theme that i personally find most satisfying in a movie.

when the dark knight was released 4 years back in 2008, i wasn't really a fan. but the movie was so impressive, i've been counting days for this final installment to be released. and the day finally came.

critics were comparing how the villain in the latest movie was not evil enough as compared to the joker, but hey, that was THE JOKER, the ultimate psychopath. bane is just raw strength.

the movie concluded nicely, i really loved how Chris Nolan knows where he should stop, and when he ended his batman trilogy, it was done with style and class.

so for you who can't think of a good movie to watch, please head out and watch The Dark Knight Rises. if you have not watched the two previous movie, i suggest that you do that first. it is worth your money. i hope you will come out inspired.

great acting. awesome gadgets. macho fight scenes. inspiring story line.

ehem, but please, please, please, go after Ramadhan. maybe on the Eid day itself? ;)


InkFlow said...

i'm wondering if they'd still screen it by that time. u think?

-adibah- said...

i think yes. it's a famous movie after all.

Nor Liana Kamaruzzaman said...

Try to watch this 3:

Stand By Me


War Horse

These are also three great thoughtful stories :)

InkFlow said...

oh! we watched war horse! any story about a horse is bound to be good. :D