November 17, 2011

a question

what do you do, when you feel or think that you are a failure?


p/s : i'm looking forward to good comments


InkFlow said...

I think otherwise. BD

Just don't think about it laaaa.
That's just your negative side talking anyway.

Hence the reason I don't like reading Teohlogy. Makes Malaysians feel like LOSERS.

Najat said...

everybody feels like this at some's natural i think.
what's not natural is to dwell on the feeling too long.

niksan said...

Dont dwell on thing about it but do some thinking on how to improve it. We are His creatures, if we think we are a failure, didn't we directly blame the Creator? O_O

niksan said...

*thinking - typo

InkFlow said...

interestin point niksan. XD
Besides, failure is not permenant. We can always improve. ;)

-adibah- said...

adyla : but teohlogy only points out the obvious. i read the book cause i can see where we can try to improve our nation and become better. :P

najat: thanks, you are always straight to the point.

onnie: huhu, i think you might be right. seriously, O_O

Nor Liana Kamaruzzaman said...

Make that failure an asset, not a liability.

A person got sick. In return a doctor get paid for treating him/her.

I failed, which means there will be three options: stop what I am doing and try other new things, continue what I am doing with the risk of failing continuously, or do both the new things and the ones I failed.

Doing one thing doesn't mean we need to stop doing another. A rock loses to paper, paper loses to scissors. But do any combination, could make a handy, if not powerful asset.

Feel like you're a failure? Means that empty room you couldn't fill with success of the initial action, must be filled with another action.

I'm in a slump right now, so I know repetitiously I know how that feels, but I'm not going to make that as my ending. And I won't let my friends end that way either.