April 20, 2011

this is hard

i'm trying my best to follow the path i want to take here. that one step, is hard, but the next few steps, are just as tough.

dreams, they don't come easy. family and friends, please pray for me..and for yourself too.

and as for audit, the only think i can think of when preparing my audit WP is, if people are honest, all audit firms will be out of business.

apparently accountability is, not, the best policy in some companies.

4 months and some more to go.

i am staying sane by trying my best to find amusement wherever you can find one, when looking through companies accounts. honestly, it does help when you sometimes feels like you are wasting away your life doing something you don't truly believe in.

about the amusing oneself when auditing, well, like today, while looking through a co's documents, i saw a post-it note on one of the documents saying '...please take this document out of the file when sending it for audit..'

i can't help but crack a smile.


MiraChan said...

don't worry adibah, I'll pray for you.. you can do it! :)

i burst into a giggle reading the post-it note, thank god nobody's in the office, haha.. ;p

naskin said...

hey you!

be strong k coz i'm doing my best now also. :P

InkFlow said...

well in my case audit isn't so bad. i still have seniors that are actually dedicated to their work. The prob comes when the lazy people do audit. Sometimes I disregard my seniors advise to 'leave it alone' and try search for more evidence. But some seniors dont really put much effort in testing the co's internal controls. sigh...

be strong and stay true to urself, especially wen ur seniors tell u to disregard any problems in the co's accounts.

in some cases, question the client urself if u find something wrong with their accounts. At least u can notify them and get an explanation for the error.

Chin Up!

Nor Liana Kamaruzzaman said...

I can't really say anything, being someone younger and less experienced than you, all I can wish is may Allah be with you and may everything have hikmah in ways you can see it :)

InkFlow said...


InkFlow said...

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