April 6, 2011

routine is the hallmark of civilization, so say lady danbury

to be honest, i did not expect this lack of ideas on what to write during my internship period. it is just that, my life has fall into a routine of which i'm comfortable to live with, and that means less time on laptop and more quality time with family and my books.

which also translate to any brilliant ideas passing through my mind will most probably pass by without being written down. and don't suggest writing them on paper to me, i usually need some sort of weird mood with all the conditions met (quoting jae suk 'the timing is now')

so yes, my spooky mood is here, just several thoughts i had during the week in a flash.


truly? another fall from MACC building? one prominent politician was reported saying 'lepas ni, kalau nak pegi BPR, bawa kain putih siap-siap'


i attended Syeikh Riad weekend courses. honestly i had never met another figure like him. he must be the most exciting religious teacher whose class i had attended. the man was standing on the table (mind you, the lecture hall table) when giving his talk. i'll insha Allah update on important lessons i had learned from the class when this weekend class is over.

it should be noted tho', one of my favorite from last week was when he recited the Ayatul Qursy poetry style. i don't think he meant to recite it that way (or maybe he was) but it was just AWESOME!!


work wise, i'm getting quite comfortable with my job, but still the overwhelming love for it is just NOT THERE. i really like my the audit manager at our place, she is really cool and friendly. i also just found out that 3 staffs will be leaving by the end of the month. which led me to a very important question. lack of staffs when we are approaching peak period? Ya Allah, lindungilah kami!


i have finally started reading in the footsteps of the prophet by tariq ramadan. insha Allah will be joining a discussion on the book in 2 weeks time. mr ramadan; you truly are a marvelous writer!!


i don't understand people who watch dramas and complain that it is predictable. (psst: dearest cousins) the idiot box is turning out really idiot, with very little knowledge offering to its viewers, except for the rare case of very early in the morning, and very late in the night, where the real ilm' was discussed on air, and unfortunately, many human beings are most probably snoring comfortably on their bed.


that being said, makes me ponder on this next thought. what exactly are the malays planning to achieve by filming and airing dramas with very little or no moral value at
all? some dramas are even showing (and in my opinion, promoting) the corrupted way of living, especially among the teens. are we not encouraging it by allowing this type of shows to play during prime time? a sad situation, really.

and as for islamic dramas. please... do the main hero all have to be polygamous? unfortunately, this genre usually carry the same plot. all pious Muslim men are polygamous.


for God's sake.

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InkFlow said...

routine is the seed of boredom. hahaha