January 21, 2011


here's the deal. have you heard of some totally mind blowing earth quaking heart breaking quote that makes some of us goes, 'wow, that's so true and sweet!' but it just do not make any damn sense in your brain? well, i heard of one. and hell, it came from one of my favorite author who happened to be a great linguist. i love you man, but truly, this is the stupidest thing you have ever wrote.

'love means never having to say you are sorry'

uh, come again?

'love means never having to say you are sorry'

but, adibah, maybe you are reading it out of context?

well, maybe i am reading it out of context, given that i have not read this particular novel (title: love story) of Mr Segal, but, have you heard, people are throwing this line around to their loved ones.

so, we come to the question, what exactly is my point?

my point is, saying sorry is a MUST when you did something wrong. and saying sorry is a MUST when you love someone, because when you are with someone you love, that means you are comfortable around them. when you are comfortable around them, you sometimes says something mean you don't mean, or something stupid you don't mean, so something crazy when you are PMS-ing.

conclusion; if you love someone, they should be the first person you apologize to if the circumstances require it. not any other way.

because bottled emotions and angers are the worst enemy to any relationship. saying sorry is simple, and it makes a lot of difference.

some interesting facts about this popular quote;

1. towards the end of the 1972 comedy 'What's Up, Doc?', which also stars Ryan O'Neal. Barbra Streisand's character coos that "Love means never having to say you're sorry" while batting her eyelashes, and O'Neal's character responds, deadpan, "That's the dumbest thing I ever heard."

(agreed. by the way, Ryan O'Neal was the hero in the movie adaptation of the book.)

2. John Lennon said, "Love means having to say you're sorry every fifteen minutes.

(what, you don't know John Lennon?)

3. in The Simpsons episode "Catch 'Em if You Can", where the Simpson family watch Love Story; when the line is spoken, Lisa objects, "No it doesn't!"

post script;

erich segal was a popular author during the 70's and 80's. if you are in MMU, you can find his novels on the fiction shelves. they are worth it i am telling you.

here is a review of my favorite of his work; The Class. it is a work of a genius, in my opinion.

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InkFlow said...

Maybe if you look at it from a different meaning:

"Never doing anything that would make you have to say sorry."


Is love suppose to make one perfect for the other?