January 23, 2011

danny rossi on pop music

one of my favorite!

Gradually through the din of a few sounds became intelligible. The tonic, the relative minor, the second, the dominant seventh. Could he expected anything better than the most hackneyed, overused chord sequence in pop music? There had been moments in Danny's life when he had dreamed of becoming Beethoven. Now he merely longed to be deaf. For among his many virtues, Leon had the voice of a ruptured hyena. Now and then, Danny could discern a word or two of the text. There was something about 'Mars' suggesting that the rhyme 'stars' could not be far behind. And it arrived, just as surely as 'crying' followed 'flying'. At last, on the very brink of a vocal orgasm, Leon screeched 'above' harmonized by an E major seventh. The end was near and so damn predictable, that Danny had all he could do to keep from groaning the inevitable concluding wordlet, 'love'.

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