January 6, 2011

politics and cool designs

i was reading news 20 minutes ago. i decided that all political news if not intriguing, are nauseating.

after almost 2 years of 'investigating', the Teoh inquest ended up with the coroner giving a damn open verdict to the 'how' the political secretary died. years of investigations, and still no clear cut answer. are we too damn afraid and corrupted? are we not afraid of the Lord's wrath?

the next piece of nauseating news was; Rais denies raping his maid. Good Lord, if he did it, who the hell did we choose to run this country. a totally immoral man? and if he did not, what the hell is wrong with those throwing the allegations. can the next election comes and go without any dirty play from anyone?

and then i came across something really amusing.

right. the article was entitled 'white is no longer an option thanks to Kotex'. so, who wear pads for the world to see? humans are truly genius when it comes to wasting money and their talents.

just my thoughts.


naskin said...

=))Gler r ade *** mcm tuh. Tak sanggup~

InkFlow said...


So preeeetttyyy~