December 31, 2010


this morning, i braved myself to do an act of kindness. and i was not rewarded at all. my advance was rejected by this friend of ours. this is another case when i wondered, and wondered and wondered..

it is a public knowledge that today is the last day of the year 2010. which means, i am getting older. damn it all. and which also means, that our internship days is approaching fast. i will miss nunu,tyrah and adyla dearly. even though i am always emo-ing unnecessarily with this three people. haha, truly sorry gals. but emo i must. or i will be so unfriendly and hostile towards everyone.

jump to the next topic. i am listing all of my bad habits here today, so i can at least acknowledge their existence (hey, i know you are alive, but i want you dead) and do away with them.

1. egoistic with no purpose.
2. to admit that i do not know many things about certain issues and not give my two cents without strong facts.
3. i think this mean i need to shut up more.
4. always (jokingly) asking for a free lunch or dinner from my closest friends. this should stop.
5. do not know how to prioritize
6. hate 70% of what i learn in accounting. i must find a way to love them. i hope my internship days will serve it purpose well.
7. unnecessary emo-ing.
8. had became very unfriendly towards everyone new since two months ago.
9. need to know how to spend less of my money at bookstores.need to know how to finish one book at a time, and not start on a new book until i am done with the one i am reading.
10. to think before talking.
11. to speak up when necessary. (which, i don't do often, mostly because i am just scared to voice opinion)
12. to stop slothing.
13. to stay awake after subuh.
14. to keep my cool in the middle of a heated discussion, with my family especially.

i am getting frustrated just writing this.

but i am in for a change.


InkFlow said...

hmmm... Maybe i should make a list too. :D

naskin said...

I'm thinking to do so as well. But it will be more than one entry plak later. :P

Nway, Cheras and Damansara sgt jauh eh? >,<

-adibah- said...

kak ain: around 20 km i think. but we can always meet in the middle right? like at one of those book stores? :))

cepat buat list!

InkFlow said...


InkFlow said...

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InkFlow said...

spam bcoz i lap u.

InkFlow said...

spam coz i wan to see how much i can spam.

InkFlow said...

spam coz its cool to see all my piccha in ur comment.

InkFlow said...

spam.... wait... ustaz mukhlis ckp dont do things that waste time.... opps.