October 28, 2010

10 things i will write about

the world is beautiful, but to find beauty in the midst of all things ugly, is truly challenging. but nevertheless, it is possible.

1. i can actually get a headache thinking about how un-prepared i am to face internship. today's accounting theory lecture was a pain in the brain.

2. i read (head counting) 7 romance novel, all authored by julia quinn in this month. that's a record i can never beat myself.

3. i find it annoying how i keep on reading a book, even though what i really want to do is sleep cause my eyes hurt too much and my head was spinning around constantly. still, i cannot stop reading. oh, did i mention that after the light goes off, i will creep in my bed and continue reading with the help of my phone torchlight. talks about determination. which will lead me to number 4

4. romance novels are so good. i am practically in love with them. but i am more in love with Benedict. i think i love him simply because he is the tallest Bridgerton. which leads me to five.

5. i don't exactly like reading romance novels prior to this, actually i rarely read one since after my form 1 days.

6. i thought about all the malay romance novels i read during my primary, which was sickly alike and until i reached a point where i actually declared, 'i will never ever again touch malay romance novels' and i never did since then, except for when someone throws me, (or more like i throw myself) into ramlee awang murshid book which was simply the best malay romance/thriller author i had read to date.

7. i must point out that, it was the only malay romance novel i read after my declaration of independence (of boring romance novels)

8. all of the above lead me to this point, you choose your own emotional state. if you choose to see the joy in life and be happy, you will be happy. if you choose to fret on your miseries and remain sad, you will be sad and unhappy and sad and unhappy.

9. really, everyone should read romance novels once in a while, maybe they will learn how to be happy.

10. because, simply, the world is full of unhappy people and they are spreading it at a phenomenal rate.

if you must know, i just finished reading 10 things i love about you last night. all the facts in number 3 were present. the book also inspired this post title.

until then.


namasayanajat said...

gawwddd..finally,a new entry.you should update more often coz blogwalking gets boring without you.haha..

InkFlow said...

agreed with the previous comment. :P