September 2, 2010

when common courtesy is not so common.

i simply don't understand what's wrong with young people today. (i'm actually ancient old) common courtesy simply seems to be trivial and lacking among all of them. (again, i'm not young but old) i'm kind of super sick encountering behavior of disrespecting anyone who are lower than you, not as rich as you, not as educated as you, not as good looking as you? etc etc

situation 1: the cleaner and the 'i can throw rubbish anywhere, why-do-MMU-paid-the-cleaner-for?-let-them-do-some-work-damnit-'

you should understand by now of what i mean. some students, sadly my own friends, do this often. do you notice that? OFTEN. even after giving advice, they still @#$% do it. it appears that it is impossible to make some understand that your rubbish is your responsibility. besides that, your attitude towards rubbish, somehow also reflects you personality. so, the bin is further at the front, can you just walk some yards more to disposed it properly? oh, wait, this plastic is so freaking heavy is going to pull my arms down. pftt. there you go, throw it on the grass. (hey, we have the cleaner, remember?)

next thing you will see is shits everywhere in the toilet because, hey, my shit is not my responsibility. the cleaner will clean 'em all. MMU paid them hefty sum. let's make them work all the way.

situation 2: the male species in the LRT

i'm pretty sure most of us had at least once in our lifetime ride the LRT, or any local train if it matters. did you notice anything? yes. you did. the guys. (ok, SOME guys) with zero tolerance of women.

i actually thought God make our male counterpart a lot more stronger than we are? i am positive the answer is a YES. however, they seem to lose it all once they enter the train. witnessing that some of them will almost always steal all the empty seats and leave all the fairer gender standing up. worst of them will be those who actually saw an old lady or gentleman, a pregnant lady, and mother carrying kids standing up in the crowded small space and look away in a split second. all so that they could sit comfortably before arriving destination. sometimes i had the urge to scream !@#$% YOU! but i think, may conscience always act short before that. brush up guys, even though you are dead tired, practice some courtesy will you?

and what breaks my heart is instead of young men standing up offering their seats, to these special people, an old uncle will do it, or most of the time, another woman. young men nowadays are so screwed they don't even know how to act properly. seriously, this is not high expectation in men. it's common understanding and compassionate among human beings. which apparently, is dying at a very fast rate.

i guess lex luther install some kryptonites to crippled the guys in all trains.

situation 3: the late comers.

i am one of the many people who live with the concept 'my time is only for mine to waste, not yours', so when facing life trivial moment when you colleagues or friends seem to be joyfully wasting your time waiting for them to show up or finish something, my boiling point almost always exceed the maximum. as malaysians, many are still living the concept of the all wonderful malaysian timing system. which literally translate to 30 minutes or one hour after the actual time promise. i have come to the conclusion that in this case, it's a hopeless one. there are just too many disrespectful sapiens walking around wasting others time as if it is a God's given right to them. it's all just a big chunk of bull shit.

i suggest you leave the meeting place if they didn't show up after five minutes, and didn't bother to call to inform you about their late-coming. that's two crime on their plate.

situation 4: i-like-to-stare-until-my-eyes-disengaged from it's sockets.

so you have never seen a human in your life? you have to be kidding me. oh, you don't own a TV? you lived in antartica your whole life and there was only you there? ok, forgiven. so, stare. but just don't do it for too long until they took notice of it and starts to freak out or something. some people have this way of staring that will make the stare-receiver think that he or she had something really terrible on their face. or in the case if they had just committed some crime or sin, they will think you know it and the next thing you know, you are a dead person. yeah, you totally deserve that for staring at me.


namasayanajat said...

no.1-->so true -.-" especially psl buang sampah tu.

-adibah- said...

najat, kdg2 aku rasa they all should be arrested and be force to do work with dbkl for a week.

InkFlow said...

My aunt calls that 3rd world mentality.

I just call it irresponsible.

I once saw a guy actually smile triumphantly when he managed to grab a seat from an elderly lady. The lady just looked away embarassed. Its so freaking wrong. She did nothing wrong so why must she be embarassed and the guy smiling?

I wanted to punch his face. Too bad I was quite far and the KTM was full. Else I'd hit him. Grrrrr

People's definition of a 'good society' is so messed up right now.

-adibah- said...

adyla, it's not easy to live among these 3rd world mentality people. i wish they will make gladwell's book compulsory text in schools.

Nona said...

Yes...they think money is everything? they got paid for the public area and service, not for your own personal amusement. Even my cat knows how to clean up her 'leftovers' carefully...

About the male species(not one for bashing genders..but....) for the courtesy of seats, I put it generally, young males and females have responsibilities. As I see some young girls were too busy in their on world and 'mengumpat' they ignore the needy beside them.

Hello, GERABAK WANITA! Can;t u read? I can't say u can't see, because you are standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE LOGO AT THE DOOR IN FRONT OF YOU. And also, when u seat, THE LOGO IS IN FRONT OF YOUR SEAT AT THE MIRROR. Many girls, women, grannies even, have to stand up, whereas you laze around sitting in places where FEMALE could seat.

As for being late, couldn't you tell us, at least 5 minutes before the time of meeting? Even in the old days they could send pigeons or fire signal to tell they will be late. Now is the era of mobile phones, speakers, and public facilities. You wasted your money on your bf/gf, get angry when clash because you feel as if you wasted a lot of money. Why don't the next time you top up, waste it on those who WORK with you? we assure you it's worth it.

Staring...yeah..unless we are models, or the new species on earth, please don't. If there's something wrong, please tell. If you feel like you know us but not sure, please ask. If you don't want to say anything,please look away after a while. We don't like the feel of being judged.

T-T rantrantrant*

naskin said...

sarcastic but i'm loving it!