April 30, 2010

the knowledge is not for us to hold, yet.

just have to write this now.

today, i didn't start the day right. if you know what i mean.

and from that point on, things were going in the wrong direction. i was supposed to finish my tax assignment by 1pm. that was my personal target for my work. because usually, i can do it. and besides, i only needed two more case to complete the report. but, as i said earlier, things were going in the wrong direction. my concentration was lacking and my stamina was deteriorating quite badly. (walking to campus makes me feel like fainting today)

but, thankfully, there was still some love left, i managed to complete the report by 3pm. i planned to submit the report today, but my plan went a bit bad. the printing shop down here at hb4's printer did a bad print job, and i was without cash at the time. told the sister i would pay later, walk all the way to bank, and then to student centre, and printed the report and paid expensively to them. and unfortunately, the student centre do not do tape binding, so i walked all the way back to hb4, and went i reached at the printing shop, i noticed that the signed agreement of the group was missing. thus i climbed all the way up to 3rd floor, got that one sheet, went down and settle the job. it was TIRING!! i then decided that the report just can't be passed up today. no more strength was left in me.

so, here is actually were the story starts. quite a draggy introduction, no? well. well. well.

so at 6pm, i rented a car and drive to cyberia to pick up adyla. we had long planned to attend a talk that will be given by Sheikh Tariq Appleby, who will be talking about "A Day in the Life of The Prophet". we were so excited about attending this talk, that we dropped behind a meeting we were expected to attend today as hi-com. on my part, i even excused myself from the orientation committee ice breaking session today (which i think must be fun and awesome). but still, i did not think that i was fit enough to run around the campus doing activities.

so we started our journey from cyberjaya around 6.30pm. i actually (thought that) memorized the map (from google map). but after getting off from MEX highway, we got pretty confused. (that usual and normally happened with us) so, i started looking for the direction to KGPA (Kelab Golf Pertahanan Awam) which is located in Mont Kiara using my very very weak knowledge of KL roads. we got stuck in the jam. i got fed up. adyla thought it was fun. she said because she had not experienced KL traffic for quite some time. but i was not having fun. we actually got lost for quite long after getting into PJ, but finally, and after one and a half hour, found a way to Mont Kiara.

but the worst part was yet to come. there was no sign board at all that could direct us to KGPA. we actually drove around the area and Sri Hartamas for nearly an hour to look for the location, but it was useless effort. we decided to stop to refill the fuel at a shell station somewhere in Mont Kiara. as the old saying goes 'malu bertanya sesat jalan'.
thus i asked of the fuel station worker for the direction to the golf club. he gave us a negative respond. i said thank you and went back to the car. i wanted to gave up. but then, i decided to ask again, but this time, to a 40 something guy who was filling in fuel for his car besides our counter. thankfully, he knows exactly where the golf club is! he gave me EXTREMELY CLEAR directions to the location. he even repeated twice. i was so thankful to him! thank you sire! did you get the lesson here? if you want to know where the golf club is, ask the guy with the expensive car. not vice versa.

after getting our instructions, we drift off again and was praying so hard that Allah will smoothen our direction to our destination. i followed all the right roads until one part, where, sobs sobs, we got lost again. at this time, it was already 8.30pm. the talk started at 8pm. but thankfully we managed to u-turn back and somewhat, somehow, miraculously,(see, i am bad at memorizing complicated road directions) found the correct road and finally, VOILA! we saw the KGPA sign board. i actually screamed in the car, shouting at adyla 'OH MY GOD ADYLA!!! yeay!! we found it!!' yes, we were overjoyed with happiness. after all, we had been looking forward for the talk since last week.

but, i guess it was really not meant for us to attend that talk. we actually found the location (it was right in front of me), but i was driving on the wrong lane, and thus had to follow the traffic flow. at that point, it was already 9.15pm. i was very devastated. tried to find a way to u-turn but there was none near by. that was the moment where i actually gave up totally on attending the talk. thus i drove all the way back into KL. i am actually very grateful to adyla for staying cool and calm and cheerful through out the journey. if otherwise, i'm pretty sure things will turn out a bit ugly. thanks dear =)

so, after the failed mission, we decided to go for our dinner. in the hope that good food will cure our sadness. we went to the naan place at jalan medan tuanku and enjoyed some good tasty dinner. and we drove back to MMU after that.

the thing is, i was devastated. if you were with me you could tell it. but, i did one fatal mistake during the journey. only adyla and i know. i think, for that, i don't deserve the knowledge that was being given at the talk today. my reflection of the journey was simple;

the knowledge is not for me to hold, yet. not for us to hold, yet.

15:109 "If the sea were ink for [writing] the words of my Lord, the sea would be exhausted before the words of my Lord were exhausted, even if We brought the like of it as a supplement."



InkFlow said...

meh. we learn everyday. so its ok.
btw, i realise something. WEn we talk a lot we might say things we regret. wen we talk a lot we tend to reveal ourself more.
I'll remember this.

Hope we cn have more crazy excursions again. They are always a welcome in my boring life.
love ya too.

p.s. So what? I cant drool over handsome guys?

€ñÎġΜǎҜїŊġ™ said...

same wit me, 'lost' is actually sorta my second name.. lol..
anyhow, look at the bright side, at least u got lost wit someone beside you, once i got lost by myself, felt like crying that time, thank Allah i'm still alive rite now, haha~ ^^