April 27, 2010

how do you tell a story?

i'm trying to kill my taxation assignment as soon as possible. however, the online sources decided not to co-operate since this afternoon.

i'm getting killed slowly instead.

exam is approaching. nice right?

thankfully, i don't have two paper on the same day this time around. the gap between the papers are just nice.

one lonely night, there was a boy at a train station. as everyone else, he was waiting for the next train to come. he just wanted to get home. tired from his activity that day, he was radiating negative energy that night. couldn't smile, couldn't even keep a straight face. deep in his heart he was wishing for an easier life. everything that he has on his shoulders seems like a very heavy burden at that time.

then, he saw a stranger walking passed him. he keeps on watching this one stranger. a stranger who caught his attention immediately. a blind young man walking with a stick. a stick that guides his movement through the crowd that fills the station. the stranger stop at a spot and stand still. just like the rest, he is waiting for the next train to come too.

a few minutes passed by, and the train many awaits arrived. the boy walked towards the opening door of the train, but his eyes was watching the blind young man. he wanted to help, but something was holding him back. besides, there were many people at the place and he was pretty sure somebody would help him.

but, he was wrong. nobody did help the blind man. everyone just walked passed the him as if he was nonexistent. the boy was astounded. he couldn't believe that nobody among the hundreds of people there did not even care to help. but, one thing for sure, he was one of the hundreds. and he was taking the blame more than the others. he was hesitating about going out and walking the blind young man in, but the beeps indicating the door will be shutting was sounding. the blind young man managed to make it into the train coach in time.

the boy let out a sigh. guilt was still surrounding him. after the bad day, the incident just added more to his disgust towards himself. the feeling of uselessness. he kept on looking at the blind man. and how he have wronged him.

the train was approaching the next stop. the boy got ready to depart the train. in his heart, he was apologizing to the blind young man and hoping and praying to god asking for forgiveness, as well as hoping someone will be nice enough to help the blind young man after he get off the train later off.

much to his surprise, the blind man went out of the train at the same place he did. the first thing that came to the boy's mind was, 'this is my chance to redeem myself today!' but still he was hesitating. but, when he realized that only the two of them came off at that station, he decided to take the action he was supposed to take before that. in a way, he knows, god was helping him to help this soul. he gave his salam to the blind man and told him he will help him up the stairs. the blind man nodded and let out a thankful smile.

after helping him to the ticket counter, the boy asked about his destination. the blind man told him someone will be picking him up. before bidding his farewell to the blind man, he received a gesture that made his day.

"thank you so much brother"

and he went home that night with a heart full of joy.

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