December 14, 2008

movie review : twilight

i was hyperventilating (common word you will find in twilight) and almost blocked the blood flow to my main artery in the brain after i watched the movie. the first thing i did after leaving the theatre was text messaging nudge, which read like this :


yes, that was truly my impression of the movie. lack of proper plot was the big time killer of the movie. i'm admitting the very fact that this has to be the most over-rated blockbuster movie of the year 2008. and i was so full of guilt as i dragged 6 of my friends to watch the movie with me. apology. apology. apology. (they later admitted the movie was bad, but again concluded that they can watch the movie again for the faintest sight of the irresistibly hot edward cullen as portrayed by robert pattinson. lol) and of course, there was another 3 eye candy, carlisle, jasper and emmet.

well, it was really sad, of course. they had the best actors and actresses on the movie, but the whole story was just confusing and there was no actual flow. i can only hope they will reverse the situation in the second movie.


cik najaTOL said...

oh wait.
i'm "nudge" now?
another name to toss into my "nicknames through my lifetime" list.

-adibah- said...

ERR..YEAH. LOL..U should produce your list asap

Janice Lee said...

The movie not nice for u?Hm..I like the storyline but too much talkin which make the movie abit boring...

-adibah- said...

yes, janice, movie was not, the story was not well conveyed.