December 14, 2008

5 minutes

i just got back to mmu from home 3 hours ago. weekend at home was great, great, great. but i'm not writing about that now, (but i will, later).

so, as i was peacefully sailing in the dream world, reality knocks in, literally. shocked, i woke up, and wondered who on earth knocked on my door. lazily climbed down from the bed and opened the doors, and, there you go, two total strangers standing in front of me. my brain, still partially emitting the sleep waves (theta, REM??) and asked how i can help them. they were clear of who they are, asking if i could spent 5 minutes to hear what they have to say. i think what i heard was they are from a MMU religious society. i actually thought they were only roaming around to pass brochures about their upcoming event or something like that. and, i just said yes as i presumed they will just give me the brochure, explain something and then disappear.


apparently, these two ladies standing in front of me are missionaries. they started by asking me a question, what are men's purpose on this earth? mentally answered myself. but i didn't said it out loud . i was simply nodding my head, waiting for the answer to come. so, they further explain, humans are created in the image of God, so we are here to content God. To make their point, they gave an analogy of how gloves are created in the image of hand and thus the purpose of gloves are to content (protect) hand.

i just nodded to whatever they say, did not stop them as i simply wanted to hear what they had to say. (i wanted to be nice, i had been not nice the whole day, in the train, in the klia transit)

so, the climax was when they explain how we can accept or unite with God by simply calling out his name, just like breathing. (i'm a bit at lost of their actual words here, i was still drowsy) and they asked me to call out Lord name, along with them. i was completely taken aback. shocked? totally. how can they expect anyone to completely accept a 'new' Lord as their Lord after 5 minutes of preaching? and 5 minutes? and that's preaching to university students. we will have 1001 questions to be thrown at you.

just a little bit of how-to-preach advise to these two, and those who are out there 5minutes is never enough.


cik najaTOL said...

yeah~considering they're preaching to someone "who's still emitting sleep waves"?(and i quote..)
not very wise i should think.

-adibah- said...

damn, i couldn't fall back to my sleep afterwards..

norain shari said...

berani eyh dieorg?