December 21, 2008

complete nonsense

while writing this, i'm copying my friend assignment answer. yes, i'm copying someone else answer because i'd reach the end of the road and there were no diversions or signboards. it was a dead end. i can't see anything beyond it. so, i resolved i am better off copying someone else answer instead of cracking the code myself. besides, i need to hand in this assignment by 11am tomorrow. i am just too tired mentally to be answering anything right now. blame it on the i-slept-my-whole-morning-off-today. i DO NOT like waking up an hour to 12pm. i am hating myself for this. if it happens, i will usually be in a very bad mood the whole day, but being me, i'll brilliantly camouflage it. i hate sleeping 12 hours a day. i hate, hate, hate it. but i find myself doing it over and over again. waking up, i'll usually be in a state of someone who are about to go cuckoo or lost of senses. i'll not be able to concentrate on anything in this occasion. you see, i have no idea what i am actually rambling about here. and that's why it puzzles me how najat manage to do this sometimes. because it is slowly damaging my brain cells. and i don't like damage brain cells. oh my god, please help me.

and being at this, i'm really a slow motion type of photostat-ing machine. i'm ashamed that it is not just that i'm bad at finding the answers by myself, but i'm bad at copying it down too. goddamnit. i seriously hate myself right now. i have been staring at this sheets of papers the whole day. and i am only at the 2nd question. you know, they created photostat machine so that you don't have to waste your time writing the same thing over and over again. but hell, my friend will be in jeopardy if i attempted to photostat her answer and send it in with my name on it. besides, the photostat machine is not a perfect copier, it does not actually look like someone wrote it. i forgot, that's why they call it carbon copy. argghh.

i know i have only myself to blame for all this. you don't have to tell me that.

and for you readers information, i am not supposed to be writing this.

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