November 30, 2008

in loving memory of sweet natasha

Natasha is the second child in her family; she has an elder sister who is only 7 and a younger brother who is not even 1 year old. She is lovely, bubbly, sometimes annoying, (all kids are) but nevertheless still a sweetheart to those who are dear in her life. I knew Tasha as my neighbour’s granddaughter and she would often come to my house to play around when her cousins (aiman and amar, two little boys posing for my camera in my previous post) were at my place.

yesterday, i got a call from my mum around 9 at night. she had a bad news for me. Natasha was in coma. i was taken aback for a while. it was just purely shocking. Natasha is 5 years old, and she had been sick for the longest time.

she had some sort of bacterial infection which was damaging her body. the last time i heard, it was affecting her liver badly. she can't eat just everything she wants as she will suffer immediately if she ate the wrong foods. (her abdomens and face will swell and she can't urinate normally without pain) foods with too much MSG, namely junk foods which we all know little children like Tasha like a lot.
my mum told me the doctors could just tell us her chance of living is 50-50. end of the road, i will say. If i who am just a neighbour felt terribly sad, i wondered how her parent felt. i told my mum i will really like to give her a visit next week when i’m going home to taiping. but that just will not happen.

this morning around 10.30 am, i received a sms from my mum informing me the little girl had just passed away. i was just speechless. the only thing i could utter was “Innalilah wa inna illaihi raji’un”. may her soul rest in peace, and i know, she is now with her Creator, who will love her more than every single of us will do. Ya Khaliq, please give her family the strength they need to get through this phase.
(sorry, i do not have any picture of Natasha with me now, but i’ll upload one immediately if i got my hand on one)

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