November 30, 2008


you understand this right? yes, that's mine. yes, i'm very out dated to be reading this now when everyone else read it 2000 years ago.


Janice Lee said...

You bought the book? How much for one? Feel like buying also..haha!

cik najaTOL said...

ko tawu x,aku beli and read the book,ps2 for about a week,aku simpan kt rak bku in the condition cm aku beli bku 2.spotless,puppy ear-less,nice and clean.mak aku bc and everything's down the drain.haha.dah brlipat,spine die dah buku teks sejarah form 3 aku.dang~

-adibah- said...

haha, najat, itu la..kalau mak aku baca pun akan jadi cmtu..

hui hsin, it is priced at rm35.